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Sand Castle Services of South Padre Island, TX
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"Most fun we've had the whole time we were on the Island!" - John, 04/17/14

Addressing all of your sand sculpture needs in South Padre Island, Texas and the world since 1987...

Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga - retired high school teacher - has taught tens of thousands of people how to build a better sand castle through private lessons and via her best-selling book - Sand Castles Made Simple. She creates custom beach billboards for all occasions, sandy furniture and semi-permanent garden sculptures at her sandcastle-themed guest house - The SandBox Inn - a stop on the only year-round Sand Sculpture Trail.

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Private & Group Lessons
prices listed are per group (not per person)

New! "Grandma/Grandpa & Me": Treat visiting grandchildren to a lesson designed just for them. Less rigorous and demanding than the basic lesson, this lesson is suitable for children as young as 2 or 3 years old -- I do all the hard work, you jump in if/when you feel like it, and every lesson ends with a pretty castle for your photo opportunity. Call or book online

New! "Castles & Cocktails": (Adults only) Less rigorous and demanding, this lesson is designed for folks who are less concerned about technique and more interested in fun (& bragging rights) -- I do all the hard work, you jump in if/when you feel like it, and every lesson ends with an impressive, customized castle for your photo opportunity. BYOB! Just $80 for first hour, $40 for every successive hour -- I leave when you say you're done - Call or book online

Tips & Tricks: A crash course in sandcastling that will get you started and keep you interested available only at City Beach Access #16 (Neptune Circle) -- group prices start at $50 for up to 10 people more info

The Basic Lesson: Learn how to make sand stand using softpack, hardpack and handstacking techniques. Build towers and walls. Carve windows, balconies, doors, stairs and tunnels using pastry knives and plastic cutlery. Group Rates: $80 for up to 10 people more info

The Extended Lesson: Learn all the above plus advanced hand-stacking and carving techniques. Plenty of hands-on time will help make sure that you get a great photo opportunity by the end of it. Lesson runs 1.5-2 hrs. Group Rates: $120-$150 for up to 10 people more info

The Team Build experience: Designed for larger groups (6 or more) who want to build something really BIG - be it a castle, a beach billboard or a virtual living room. An excellent opportunity to get that Christmas Card Photo! We work together to create a large and impressive piece with me coaching and working alongside you. I will meet you on the beach with a cart foll of shovels, buckets and other goodies to help your group(s) build something truly amazing. Beginner to advanced. Group Rates: $100/hr for up to 25 people more info

Not sure which lesson is right for you and your group? Take a look at our comparison chart.

Meet the Instructors

we want YOU to have more fun each and every time you go to the beach -- ANY beach!

Please note: these workshops are NOT just for kids! Parents need to have fun, too, and kids under age 7 will likely need some extra help moving large handfuls of sand from the hole to the pile.

Note: I respond to all form requests within 24 hours. Please check your spam filter for mail from or call 956-459-2928 - thanks!

Willing to meet us at beach access #16? Take $5 off the lesson price (type "at16" in the discount code area to claim discount).

You can do this!!!

NEW! Sandy Furniture built by or for you -

Sand Castle Wizardry!
designed to appeal to "kids" of all ages

For about the same price as lunch, you can learn how to build a better sandcastle and have more fun on the beach forever. You will soon be hand stacking towers, walls and arches like a pro and carving them with simple implements similar to what you can find in condo kitchen drawers... even your enemies will be impressed!

Book Online -- or call 956-459-2928 or 269-267-6903 for an appointment.
We have multiple well-qualified instructors standing by and ready to meet you
on the South Padre Island beach of your choice

Interested is learning how to get a FREE sand castle lesson on South Padre Island? Come stay at the SandBox Inn!


Want the sculpture without the work?
We do marriage proposal sculptures, wedding sculptures, happy birthday/anniversary/retirement sculptures,
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